Kimberly Talbot
Kimmyjoined Scotia Rotary in 2012 during her husband Joe Talbot’s presidency. Little did she know how much Rotary would help her broaden her service to her community. With the support of Scotia Rotary, she developed a food for thought program in her school district to provide snacks to students k-5. She spends her time providing childcare services to families, helping families in need, fighting food insecurity in the community, President of the Lincoln PTA ,serves on the Board of Education and is a mom of three boys. “Service Above Self” is not just a Rotary motto for Kimmy it’s a way of life. She shares the good Rotary does in the world with everyone she meets either through conversations, connecting service groups together for projects, or asking someone to help with a project. As a Past President  and a past District Membership Chair she has a focus on membership. Being a busy mom, working and volunteering Kimmy knows that not all club models work for everyone. Kimmy took a zone 32 ICA( innovative club advocate) position to help new  clubs form, grow Rotary and to help clubs reinvent themselves.